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If your choice is quality and time, we are the right partners.

Reduced production lead times

  • Production facilities 4700 m2

  • Administrative and other auxiliary facilities 3700 m2

Close location

Our location gives reduction in delivery times and inventories.

  • Maximum 2 hours flight to any of European capital city

  • 275 km from Riga, capital city of Latvia,  port

  • 184 km from Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania

  • 40 km from Daugavpils, second largest city of Latvia

  • 450 km from ice free port Klaipeda

  • also other ports Liepaja, Ventspils are in 1 day driving distance

  • Currently more than 200 employees,

  • More than 200 thousand items per year.

  • Current sewing capacity 1.3 million minutes per month.

Capacity has a potential to a significant increase depending on demand.


Low Risk

Latvia economics
  • Made in EU - Latvia is a member of European Union, EU labels on garments.

  • Currency: Euro, no exchange rate!

  • Compared to EU average tax burden of GDP 39,4%, Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria holds it at a lowest tax rate below 28%.

  • Minimum wage stated by legislation 320 Euro/month before taxes

Product samples

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Inga Zemdega Grape

Chairman of the board

Phone: +371 29 208 520



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