Experience since 1971.
We Know-How.

Nemo Sewing factory was established in 1971 as an affiliate of the largest holding of sewing factories «Latvija» specializing in coats, raincoats and jeans wear.

Producing more than 190 thousand items per year, exporting to USSR republics.


Business facts

  • 1994 privatised and named Nemo. Capacity 240 thousand items per year. More than 400 employees.

  • 1995 export to Germany, Finland, Denmark, Belgium and others

  • Currently 85% exported  to Scandinavia


Working principles and ethics

  • We meet  the highest quality standards

  • Transparency. We are truly open and welcoming to see sight and meet people at any stage of production. Reporting and info flow altered to customer needs.

  • Open for buyer – manufacturer close collaboration to reduce waist and increase efficiency.

  • Ethics is a must. We pay fair salaries, 8 hour working day, paid vacation plus bonuses,  all taxes paid, we provide safe work environment.